ICSE Board for 3rd Standard to 9th Standard - Science

Many aspects make the ICSE Board a knowledgeable platform for students. It is a learning environment that enables students to develop their skills and establishes the right path to learn a subject better. The ICSE board follows the basics strengthening syllabus. The syllabus in ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete, encompassing all fields with equal importance. Science and technology education plays a vital role in the development of a child.

We look at Science as something very elite, which only a few people can learn. That's just not true, You just have to start early and give kids a foundation - Mae Jemison.

Importance of Science in school education:

Many students find science extremely inspiring and interesting. Science instills a sense of intrigue and enables students to develop understanding and form questions based both on the knowledge they already have and the insight they wish to gain in the future. Students who excel in science lessons are likely to develop a strong ability to think critically.

In ICSE curriculum Science is divided into 3 different subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology from 7th Standard.

The level of concepts taught in ICSE Board is higher as compared to the other Boards. Preparations for 10th Standard generally starts from 9th Standard in ICSE Board and children find in very difficult. The syllabus is vast and resources are scarce.

LetsPractise overcomes these ICSE Board difficulties with proper guidance and resources. ICSE Learning for 3rd standard to 9th standard is a wonderful learning course for students and covers all the topics required for the student to succeed. This includes learning objectives for each chapter and also has an appropriate marks and grading system.

How does this work?

First we follow up with parents and understand the requirements for their kids. LetsPractise structures test papers and worksheets that test the entire Grammar concept as per ICSE guidelines. The detailed solution sheets with explanations reinforces concepts and allows students to grasp ideas at their own pace. This helps the students to practice well and gain knowledge. LetsPractise trains students to be good writers, and helps them practise giving exams with a particular timeline and grading system in mind. This enables the student to face exams with confidence.

ICSE Board 3rd to 9th standard Science topics

The following 3-point approach is adopted :

Repetition of the above process, ensures correct understanding and grasping of the concept. Learn More

Lets summarize the 3 important benefits of LetsPractise ICSE 3rd standard to 9th standard Science Learning:

We not only focus on the ICSE board, but also the CBSE & SSC boards. We have a detailed and comprehensive question bank of four lakh questions and sample papers.

We have a wide range of plans, specially designed to suit each child's unique needs.

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