How do I Start?

You can start off by creating a profile for your kid(s). While creating a profile you need to enter the details about your kid(s). In a single plan you can create a maximum of two combinations of Board, School and Grade, one for each of your children.

How do I register for free? What do I get with my free registration?

What are the paid services which are offered?

Under paid services we provide

What are the different packages which are offered?

To check out all the different packages we offer please visit: our Plans page

How do I pay for the package I select?

To pay for the for package you can

How do I generate a Question paper?

To create a question paper you need to have paid for one of our subscription plans. Once you have done that -

How do I generate a chapter wise Revision Sheet?

To create a Revision Sheet you need to have paid for one of our subscription plans. Once you have done that -

What will be the format of the Question Paper/Revision Sheet ?

The format for download will be a .zip file which can be unzipped/extracted using software's like WinZip, or directly in computers with MAC OS, or Windows 8 OS and above. The file extracted will be in .pdf format.

What is the difference between a Revision Sheet and a Question Paper ?

When should I generate a Revision Sheet and when should I generate a Question Paper?

What is the Rapid Assessment Report card?

Rapid Assessment Report card is available on the Dashboard. It provides you with the chapter wise details about how has your child performed in the MCQ test he/she has taken. Chapter wise status helps you keep track of the dates on which your child has taken the test.

How can I keep track of the number of Revision Sheets and Question Papers I have used?

To find out about the number of revision sheets and assessment sheets you have used you can simply click on the Overall Summary of the Usage option on the Dashboard

I have two children in different grades, how can I create question papers for both of them?

You can create two combinations of Board, School and Grade, one for each child - in a single registration. This way if they are in different Boards, Schools or Grades you can create papers with ease. If you have a requirement for more than two kids, you will be required to register with another email to add kids.

Can I use the same subscription plan for both my children?

No. Each Board and Class has different subscription costs, based on the volume and complexity of material. Each child will have a different subscription plan.

Can I change the Grade of my child?

Yes. You can go to the "Edit Profile" option and change the grade, name, school and also the board of your kid(s). All of plans are valid for one year from date of subscription. During which you can change the profile of your kids once (basically to cater to change of grade post academic year).

I have clicked on email link, but I have not received the mail. What should I do?

First, please check your spam/junk folder. Many spam filters put legitimate emails in the spam folder. Most emails arrive within a few minutes, but can sometimes be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please wait for a few minutes and check again. Even after this if you do not receive your mail, please write to us or request a callback. We will be happy to assist you.